Hey Sunday Besters! This is it… the BIG announcement we’ve been alluding to. WE WROTE (are writing) A BOOK! Skeeeeeew! Goddamn. This is why we’ve been so busy. Back to more political satire on the blog when this is over. In the mean time, check out our…

BOOK announcement video!

Here’s the OFFICIAL press release. Yuh – we got a press release for this shit.

Atria Books to Publish

THE LIBERAL REDNECK MANIFESTO:  Draggin’ Dixie Outta the Dark

by Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester and Drew Morgan

(New York) – July 15, 2016. Atria Books today announced they will publish THE LIBERAL REDNECK MANIFESTO by political satirists and stand-up comedians Trae Crowder, Corey Ryan Forrester and Drew Morgan and on October 4.  A recent viral sensation, Trae’s Liberal Redneck videos have had more than 50 million views — watched and championed not just by Southerners but by people everywhere craving a common-sense approach to issues like race, religion, LGBT rights, and gun control. Trae, Drew and Corey are currently in the middle of a sold-out 18-city comedy tour.

“We have some things to say about the New South and how to get there. We care about this place and its people and its place in the world, “ say the authors. “For Southerners, this book is a call to action for change and a chance for us to laugh at ourselves. For those outside the South, it’s part carny side-show, part case for the South as one of the richest sources of American culture, and part wake-up call that our problems and our dreams aren’t that far off from the rest of America’s. And it’s also a chance to laugh at us, with us, for us, however you want. We can take it. We encourage it. We’ve taken plenty worse over the generations (most of it self-inflicted), so much so that it’s only helped hone our proud tradition of Southern humor and storytelling as a way to pass the time, feel better, and make a point or two when absolutely necessary.”

The book includes their New South Bill of Wrongs – a take on the Bill of Rights for a New South where everyone gets along better — and the Ten Commandments of the South: thou shalt not put your God above everyone else’s life and rights; thou shalt not make bad music and call it “country,” “southern,” “blues,” “dirty south,” or “hick hop;’ thou shalt not live off the government if you can help it.

Atria Vice President, Senior Editor Leslie Meredith acquired world rights from Amy Hughes at Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Agency, and will edit the book, which will also be available as an audiobook from Simon & Schuster Audio.

The Liberal Redneck Manifesto’s authors have a unique talent for biting satire that skewers political absurdities and social hypocrisy – wrapped up in an urgent call for reason and common sense — all while making you roar with laughter,” says Meredith.

Pre-sale links and information on the authors can be found at:



We’ve been told that pre-sales of the book are pretty damn important. If you go to our website you can choose from a list of retailers and get the hard cover, digital or audio version and you’ll be the first to get it October 4th!

NEW YouTube for wellRED comedy tour

We have a new YouTube channel to post videos from the tour, us goofing around, book promo and other media appearances. Of course each of us will continue to upload on Facebook as well, but sometimes those posts get missed because of algorhythms and some such nonsense. Here’s  few links to our stand up, please feel free to subscribe & share because our manager said we should tell people to do that.

Trae’s stand up: They Don’t Know About Butter Tubs?

Corey’s stand up: The Sanctity of Marriage

Drew’s stand up: Mexicans Taking Carnies Jobs

This week we went up to Kentucky and Ohio and did shows in Lexington, Louisville, Akron and Columbus. Y’all came out in droves and the shows were super fun. We know that people in Kentucky had a choice of how to spend y’alls time and money this weekend between wellRED, Forecastle (a dope music festival), and this super hittin Biblically-accurate land boat. We’re so glad you chose to hang out with us. Seriously.

Our show at Musica in Akron was planned a couple months ago as a refuge from all the RNC mess. More on that later this week. We had a buddy in town and he was nice enough to surprise everyone and drop in on the show. He also brought a friend. That’s right, our favorite Daily Show correspondent ROY WOOD JR. and RONNY CHIENG…

Roy is a goddamn genius and put together this rap song made entirely from Donald Trump quotes. It’s incredible. Do yourself a favor…

‘They Love Me’ – Black Trump (featuring Jordan Klepper)

Ronny Cheing is hilarious and absolutely crushed on our show in Akron. Here’s one of our favorite Daily Show clips with Ronny: America’s Voting Machines Are F**ked

As always, we stayed to meet fans after each show. Here’s a small sample of photos we pulled from you on Twitter. Again, we know we have said this before but truly, performing for people who specifically came to see us is the highest honor and it just hits so damn hard. All of us feel super lucky. Especially since our shows are full of hilarious, red ass liberals like us. Really proud of the diversity in age, race, gender, sexuality and sweatiness of our people. You are some seriously gorgeous rednecks.


Our book is due to the publisher on August 1st, so we’re gonna get busy putting pen to paper and resting up for the next leg of the wellRED tour. Here’s the schedule as it stands today but MANY cities will be added, so please go to wellREDcomedy.com to buy tickets and check the schedule.

Tour Dates

Ok. We love you. See ya on the road!

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