Sund(a)y is the Lord’s Day. It is a day of rest. It is a day for fried chicken. And it is a day to put on your Sundy Best.

Hello and welcome to our new blog. Here you will find weekly posts from your fearless heroes Corey Drew and Trae (pictured, duh). At SundyBest, we set out to answer silly questions about serious isshas. SundyBest – our dumb takes on smart things.

Each week we will take a topic in the news, in the cultural lexicon, or just kicking around in our messed up and hate-addled minds, and speak on it. However, rather than give you our nuanced dissertations on the inherent problems associated with, say, religion and politics in the Middle East (trust us they’re GREAT opinions), we will instead simply answer a ridiculous question on such a topic, like “which  Israeli lake would be the best for water skiing naked.”

So check back next Sunday, for example, and you will get our individual takes not on who will win the Presidential election, but who among the candidates will win in a knife fight! Tune in, follow us, and get ready for our Sundy Best!

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