Hey everybody, Trae here. Today is Sunday and normally that would mean another riveting edition of OurSundyBest. And we had one in the hopper too, almost done, but honestly it just feels….wrong, somehow to post it now. Tone deaf, or something. Also it’s NOT yet done and this is supposed to be a comedy blog and none of us are feeling particularly funny at the moment.

I’m so god damn sad. And furious. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in Orlando and absolutely love it there. I’ve got a lot of (mostly comic) friends down there and as I’m writing this I’m not even 100% sure that they’re all OK, though I think they are. And then when I think about the probable reasoning behind why this happened where it happened, it just…I hate Hate, so much. I hope the people constantly spouting hateful homophobic bullshit under the pretense of their “beliefs” realize now exactly the type of people they are putting themselves in league with. This right here is exactly why that shit is NOT OK, god dammit. This is what happens. Anyway. Sigh.

The shooting itself is something I’m sure will be discussed endlessly in the coming days/weeks, including probably in here or on my videos, although it’s going to be hard to find the humor in this bullshit. Which is what it is. Stupid fucking bullshit perpetrated by assholes. Big bull assholes. Anyway, OSB will be back soon. We love y’all.

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