Hittin Across the South

DREW: @averagedrew Yes we missed a week of the blog while we were on tour. Yes we are sort of cheating this week by just telling y’all about said tour. But look, we are tired. The cold hard truth is traveling around this great land and bringing live comedy to...

What Job Should Ted Cruz Have Next?

  Trae: Ted Cruz has worn many hats. Lawyer, policy advisor, professor, Senator, hats made of hooker skin, you name it. But Ted’s most recent job application, for President of the United States of America (piercing Bald Eagle caw), was was summarily denied...
OurSundyBest Presidential Endorsements

OurSundyBest Presidential Endorsements

Drew here, Lord what a week we’re having. Trae been gettin so much love his head swole up ALMOST as big as Corey’s. We do appreciate all the outreach and suport y’all. Now, maybe we’re gettin a little high on the horse, but since yuns seem to...

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