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Completely SOLD OUT at the DC Improv – 300 awesome fans. Skeeeew!



Hot damn, you guys! This past week has been just plum ON FIRE! Seriously can’t thank the good folks of Washington DC and New York City enough.

If we are being honest, wasn’t too sure how the folks above the Mason Dixon were gonna take to the wellRED boys…. I mean, sure.. We’ve all performed outside the South individually, but this package deal we got going is pretty in-your-face Red assery (I mean hell, we read books and shit, but still!)

Turns out, there are liberal rednecks everywhere and we are super happy to know that. SOLD OUT both shows and had some of the best crowds any of us have encountered over the years.

The first night in DC was something special because… Y’all… MIKE FUCKING BIRBIGLIA came to the show!

Birbiglia hits so goddamn hard. 

After we talked to literally every single sumbitch that was at the show, we hopped back in the Jeep and headed to NYC.

Thats how CoFo feels about Jeeps

We got to New York thinking we was gonna have time to butt with all our old friends (butt means “to hang out”) but alas, duty called. Trae was a guest on Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang Channel 121. Then we had a few meetings with Sirius XM. Holy shit, y’all.



The meetings hit and we even got to fuck with there extremely hittin coffee room. Shout out to Jack Vaughn who was cool as hell.

look at all that goddamn milk. CoFo bout died.

After all that mess, we headed over to Gotham. A literal legendary club that dumbasses like us just get to hang out in. Hits.

The show couldn’t have gone better and all of our New York comedian buddies came out to see us!!! (Probably cause we let their sorry asses in for free)

we all had boners

For all of us here at The wellRED Tour… this was a landmark week in our careers. We are over the moon happy and feel so blessed that y’all let us talk about politics and ding dongs. There’s another run of SOLD OUT shows net week in NC. We told ya there’s good folks out there and you ain’t alone in your beliefs.


Drew modeling our new LIMITED EDITION Carny Handed Mango Man merch designed by a fan! (Thank you Patrick @MellonNoggin)

Please check back to wellREDcomedy.com for future dates. We really wanna see yuns on the road! There’s a national tour in the works for Fall and we are busy getting our ducks in a row before the big announcement in a few weeks.

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